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Friday, 30 March 2012 18:11

NCAA Players

NCAA Conference Player Ratings, Player's of the Year, and NBA Draft Grades.

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The ratings listed below are based on each player’s actual stats accumulated on the court and how they affect their overall team’s performance. They are not an opinion they are inputted into a formula and the results are generated after that.

There are a couple different rating systems listed below. Here is an explanation of them:

NCAA Rating - An overall player rating based on this year’s NCAA performance. Individual stats along with team performance are the 2 main variables.

The NCAA Rating will help determine the conference player of the year and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team all-stars.

NBA Rating- A metric based on their year in school (Fr, So, Jr, Sr), player performance, and if their statistics and height fit the profile of NBA players at their projected position.

The NBA Rank and NSR Draft Grade will project a draft grade based on the adjustments made to the players CBB Rank. The grades are as listed below as NBA Lottery Pick, NBA 1st Round, NBA 2nd Round and FA/International. My rankings may be different than other NBA Mock Drafts as I'm not projecting them to any particular team, just ranking them based on their 2015-16 stats and how they've helped their team as well as how that performance will translate to the NBA going forward.

I’ve also added a Pure Point Rating (PPR), a defensive rating (DEF Val), PER, Player Value (team specific only. If player is out of lineup), and Draft Score to the chart below. For explanations on those categories visit the glossary Here:

I’ve recently added the Draft Score column to account for 20 different stats that I found valuable. What I’ve done is setup a threshold for each stat. If the player meets that “number” they are credited. Higher score is better. Stats included are Usage, TS%, Offensive Rebound %, Free Throw Rate, Assist Rate, Turnover %, PPR, Steal %, Block %, Games Played, 2 Pt %, 3 Pt %, & more.

The NBA rankings don't factor in "potential" other than a small amount of bonus points being rewarded for players being Freshman and Sophomores. So you may find that players that other media outlets may have a high opinion on, based on potential, may not show a high draft grade as I only grade them by their actual performance on the court.

Again the rankings are not my opinion, although they are based on a formula I've created. I can get a grade on any player from any year as long as I can get their basic NCAA player stats, and their team's basic stats from that year. I've back tested thousands of teams and players and I'm comfortable that the NBA Draft projections are a solid indicator of how a particular player will perform in the NBA.

Players are sorted below by NBA Rating. Click a column heading to sort any of the other stats.

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