Dream Matchup

-Have you ever wondered who may win a game between the 2007 New England Patriots vs 1985 Chicago Bears?

-How about a classic college or high school football game?

-Want to play against Michael Jordan when he was in High School? (1980 NC Laney) Here's your chance.

-Use over 325,000 teams from our database and get a complete box score and player stats.

-Try the 100 game Match-up to get a multiple game/set prediction.

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All Star Team Creation

-Using our All Star team creator you'll be able to create the team of your dreams.

-Pick from the list of sports included, and become the owner, GM and coach.

-Even create a MLB team with a salary cap and play it in our Glory Days Baseball game.

-How about an NBA team consisting of Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Michael Jordan?

Get to work on your team now.



Glory Days Baseball Game

-A full Baseball Simulation Game.

-Pick any two teams from Little League, High School, College, Minor Leagues or the Pro's.

-Pick your starting line-ups, your pitcher and even play against a computer manager. Steal bases, sacrifice bunt or intentional walk the opponent's star power hitter.

-Play any MLB team from 1900-2020





Basketball - NBA March 23, 2011

NBA Finals Rewind

premier league

Replay any NBA Final series from 1957-2010 using our Championship Series feature on the site.

See if any team can beat Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in a series replay.

Check a few out and recreate your own history.

Baseball - MLB March 23, 2011

World Series Rewind

soccerHere are the final games of each MLB World Series. Click the Re-Play link and you'll be able to play each game in its entirety.

I've taken the last game played in each series, game 4-game 7, and I've set each one up as if they were being played from the very first pitch.

First let me say "They aren't perfect recreations" as my game currently uses the DH and many of the older series did not. I also have roster limitations with my game and may not have added a late season addition or a role player, but the games are fun anyways.

Try one today.


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News and Notes

Here's your chance to replay any of the previous 45 Super Bowls.

You can validate or re-create history.



no hit NO HIT BID

Here's your chance to create history. Your favorite pitcher is 4 innings away from pitching a NO-HITTER.


Season Re-Play

-Pick any team from any sport including your own custom teams and play a whole season in seconds.

-Save the season and play it anytime with different results.

-Pick your regular season length, opponents, location and begin play.

-Click the results tab to see the box score and player stats from each contest, and see how many wins and losses you have.

-Advance to the playoffs and select how many games you'll play, the opponents and location. Win and move on, lose and go home.

Enjoy it's a lot of fun.

Create a Tournament

-Select teams from any sport in our Dream Match-Up

-Choose a 4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 team tournament with a scores only option or a box score and player stat option.

-Save your tournament for quick loading each time

-Play tournament over and over again with a different outcome each time. Just as if the teams had played multiple times.

Set up your own now!




Dream League

-Pick 32 teams from multiple sports and levels

-Four 8 team division's

-Stat tracking

-League standings


-Start a new season after year is complete

-Save 5 different Leagues per username

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